Keyboard Shortcuts in Seismic Learning

Explore training content and complete tasks using these handy action alternatives

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Shortcuts Are for Everyone

Learners who can't use a mouse or pointing device may depend on shortcuts, but power users can also benefit by committing a few shortcuts to memory.

The shortcuts listed below work in all major browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. The second column of each table contains commands for Windows users; the third column contains commands for Mac users. If there's no information in the third column, the shortcut is the same for both Windows and Mac users.


Move backward or forward in a lesson

Left or right arrow keys

Return to a previous page or advance to the next one

Alt + left or right arrow key

Command + left or right

Highlight lesson elements or fields


Cycle through highlights in reverse

Shift + tab


Scroll down a frame

Space or page down

Scroll up a frame

Shift + space, or page up

Jump to the top of a page


Jump to the bottom


Browser Tabs

Open a new tab

Control + T

Command + T

Switch tabs

Control + number keys 1-8

Command + number keys

Switch to last tab

Control + 9

Command + 9

Switch to next tab

Control + tab

Switch to previous tab

Control + shift + tab

Close current tab

Control + F4

Command + W

Reopen last tab closed

Control + shift + T

Command + shift + T


Zoom in

Control and +

Command and +

Zoom out

Control and -

Command and -

Reset zoom (default level)

Control + 0

Command + 0

Full screen mode


Command + control + F

Other Browser Operations

Reload current page


Command + R

Hard refresh / skip cache

Control + F5

Shift + command + R

Stop webpage loading


Open new window

Control + N

Close current window

Alt + F4

Command + W

Minimize active window

Alt + space + N

Command + M

Even more shortcuts can be found in this How-to Geek article or this Apple support article.

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