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How to Integrate Watershed with Lessonly
How to Integrate Watershed with Lessonly
Use Watershed to monitor what learners are searching for and identify what’s hot or not with like and dislike analytics
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What Does the Integration Do?

Watershed offers detailed analytics of your Lessonly data, segmented and filtered based on your organization hierarchy, and integrated with data from your other learning platforms.

Managers can use these data to provide custom coaching and direction based on an individual's progress. And creators can use Watershed's analytics to keep your training content fresh by addressing search demand, promoting popular content, and removing unpopular content.

How Does It Work?

Lessonly and Watershed have an established xAPI data connection. Data from Lessonly is displayed in Watershed dashboards and reports, giving you real-time insights into learner activity and content usage. And you're not limited to Lessonly data alone: you can combine learning data from all of your platforms—whether that’s an LMS like Cornerstone, a video platform like Kaltura, an LXP like Degreed, or an authoring tool like Gomo. You can even enhance learning data with HRIS information, such as job role and organizational hierarchy position, to get deeper insights across your organization.

What Data Is Included?

The Lessonly-Watershed data integration includes:

  • eLearning data. This includes interactions within eLearning courses—such as slide views and question answers—plus assessment score, duration, completion, and success information. Use this data to evaluate course content and track learner success.

  • Content data. This includes content views, completions, likes, and dislikes. Use this data to identify popular and unpopular content to inform content library decisions.

  • Search data. This includes what terms learners search for. Use this data to understand what learners want to learn and compare to the content topics you currently have available.

I'm Intrigued! What Should I Do Next?

Read this article by our partners at Watershed. It includes even more information, including screenshots and a business case for the integration. To get started, contact your Watershed and Lessonly account managers, or talk to a member of the Lessonly support team at

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