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Export Seismic Learning Data During Offboarding
Export Seismic Learning Data During Offboarding

This article lists the file and folder contents of company data exports

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During the offboarding process, your data is exported to a Google Drive folder. This folder is shared with your account manager, who will share it with you. You have 30 days to retrieve your data from Google Drive before the link expires. After 90 days, all data is irreversibly deleted. Data exports are performed just once, during the offboarding process at the end of your contract.

Native Seismic Learning content is returned as PDF and CSV files. Any documents you uploaded to Seismic Learning are returned in their original file format. Your video content can also be exported on request.

SCORM files are not included in the content export. You can manually download SCORM files from the lesson overview page.

The data export contains the following contents:

  • Lesson PDFs

  • Documents

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • CSV files

Exported CSV files may contain the following data, depending on the contents of your tenant:

  • Answers

  • Assignments

  • Documents: Metadata about documents uploaded to Learning

  • Embeds: URLs of embedded videos

  • Flip cards

  • Group managers: Includes group ID, manager ID, and creation/update timestamps

  • Groups: Includes a list of groups by group ID, name, type, creator and archive details

  • Lesson section elements

  • Lesson sections

  • Lessons

  • Paragraphs

  • Path contents

  • Path progresses

  • Paths

  • Photos list

  • Progresses

  • Questions

  • Reveal cards: Lists all reveals including content and text details

  • Tags: Includes tag details such as name, ID, and creation date

  • Tagging: Content to which tags were applied

  • User names

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