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Learners must install this free browser extension to complete screen recording practice activities.​

Note: In October 2023, Lessonly was rebranded as Seismic Learning. As of this writing, the screen recording extension is still listed in the Chrome web store under its previous name, Lessonly Recording.


  • You must use Google Chrome.

  • You must have permission to create and edit content.


  1. In the lesson builder, select Add Element > Practice > Screen Recording.

  2. Select Screen Recording. The following error appears: This type of recording requires the Recording Chrome Extension. Please install the Chrome Extension.

  3. Select Install Extension. The extension's Chrome Web Store page opens in a new tab.

  4. Select the new tab, then select Add to Chrome.

  5. Select Add extension.


You can now create screen recordings. While recording, a toolbar appears in the lower right corner of the screen. From this toolbar you can pause, stop, or annotate your recording. Use the included annotation tools to:

  • Markup the screen in one of six colors.

  • Animate mouse clicks, helping viewers follow your actions.

  • Spotlight your cursor, focusing attention on mouse movements.

You can also pause, finish, or cancel a recording from the browser extension menu.


Most computers include an on-board microphone, and this mic may inadvertently capture background noise while recording your screen. For help disabling your internal microphone, search the macOS or Windows user guides for phrases such as 'mute microphone,' 'disable microphone,' or 'control microphone access.'

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