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How do we respond to your inquiries?
How do we respond to your inquiries?
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As soon as an inquiry from any ILS arrives in your inbox or property management software, we gather all the important details and reply to them immediately. You can customize this response on your settings page to make it personal to your company!

Choose from multiple tags like ‘first name’ or ‘property name’ to completely personalize your email.

Everything’s all set but follow-up emails are not being sent? Make sure the ‘Follow up prospects to book tours’ button is turned on.

For premium tier accounts, we also offer the ability to respond to these inquiries over SMS.

The responses to your leads include a link to the unit on LetHub that they inquired about, so they can easily book a tour and get their questions answered with River.

We also automate the entire process of following up with your leads and reminding them of their upcoming tours to reduce no-shows. Learn more.

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