Getting Started FAQ

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in starting or refining a podcast, email or create a new Trello card titled “Leverage Podcast Package. From there, a Leverage VA will reach out to you to
start the process. 

What happens after I order a package?

After you choose a package, we’ll send you an intake form which allows us to get the info we need in order to connect you with the
right designer. Once you submit the intake form, a Leverage VA
will schedule a call with you and the Podcast Production Team. 

What happens during the set-up call? 

During your call with the Production Team lead, all personalized
elements for your podcast will be discussed, reviewed and
confirmed. During this call you’ll also receive information on
optional upgrades, based on your needs. A production schedule
will be created so you know exactly when to expect each part of
the project to be completed and delivered. 

What if I want more than what is included in the package?

During the initial call with Production Team Lead, you’ll be able
to review and order any additional services or upgrades. 

Do the packages include setup if my podcast isn’t already live?

Yes, both packages include our “Make It Podcast Ready” package
which includes setting up media hosting with our partner media
host, production of Podcast Art and submission to the top
three Podcasting directories (including iTunes). If your Podcast
is already live, the team will provide additional routes for

Is there a pricing list for upgrades?

You can view our list of upgrades here and review them in detail
on the initial set-up call.

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