What are coaching calls?

Excellent question! At any time throughout your journey as a Leverage member, you can schedule a coaching call. On these calls you discuss your vision for your business/personal life to determine how to utilize Leverage to best fit your needs.

The coaching calls are our way of making sure we are always getting you to your desired outcome, that you have support any time you need it, and for us to continue to learn about your needs. Book one at your convenience here: 

What to use coaching calls for:

  1. Discovering what tasks Leverage can help you with,
  2. Talking through how to go about a particular task in a way that will help you reach your goals,
  3. Deciding if a task is a good idea, or
  4. Simply helping you set up a task for success

Once a task starts, billing starts. Coaching calls are only conducted pre-task. If you would like to invite a team member to the call with you and your coach, that team member will bill their time.

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