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As a remote company, we have the luxury of obtaining only the best talent from around the world. Today, the Leverage team has grown to more than 70 people with a multitude of skills. 

Clients come to Leverage to outsource work and focus on their unique abilities. The beauty of Leverage is, the people who they are outsourcing to are also focusing on THEIR unique abilities. Our setup creates an atmosphere where everyone involved is doing the work they are excellent at, and enjoy. 


1) Who are you?

I’m Rachel — a creative, energetic, and passionate productivity coach for entrepreneurs. Loves french bulldogs, rap music, and hiking. When I’m not working on Leverage or my personal projects, I’m walking in the mountains listening to podcasts about online business and Tony Robbins speeches.

2) What do you do at Leverage?I could say “anything” with complete confidence. At first I started off as a graphic designer and video editor, but Leverage allowed me to explore other skillsets and discover new strengths — now I can do it all. Salesfunnels, automating entire hiring processes, streamlining e-course and webinar systems, website development, managing IndieGoGo campaigns…. I’m always excited about sitting with my laptop every day, and curious about who I can help next.

3) What’s a typical day like for you?I wake up at 5am and make Bulletproof Coffee. Next up is quality time with my french bulldog and boyfriend (who also works at Leverage). We read or watch courses about internet marketing or productivity, and use the first 3–4 hours of the day for our personal growth.

Then we go to our rock-climbing gym, have a great workout, pick up groceries and get home to start work at Leverage. We respond to all of our clients, and start chipping away at the projects we’re assigned to.

Some days include calls with clients to teach them our Leverage systems, get to know their businesses better, or strategizing how to segment and delegate projects. One thing I love about being location-independent is that I can take a break anytime to walk my dog or spend the day in my favorite coffee shop.

I finish up my work-day at around 5pm and spend the rest of the evening working on my own personal projects, going out to dinner with friends or family, or snuggling with my dog and reading a book.

4) What initially attracted you to working with Leverage?I was a freelancer working my tail off to save up enough money to move out of my parents’ house. I found most of my work on Craigslist, locally, or through word-of-mouth. Some weeks I’d make $600, and other weeks I’d make ZERO. It was too unreliable and I was spending 80% of my time searching for work rather than actually using my abilities. When I heard about Leverage, I didn’t even think it was a real job. $20 / hr starting rate? Work your own hours? It seemed too good to be true, but I knew Ari Meisel was a real person, so I applied. I was most attracted by the idea of working closely with Ari because I knew he was one of the leading productivity experts and at the time, I was one of the least productive people I knew.

But I took to this company like a fish to water. I learned quickly and applied absolutely everything I could to my own life personally. The amount of freedom I have — not only financially but also in my mindset — is astounding, and I’m always eager to share my findings and lessons from Leverage with others who are overwhelmed or feeling ineffective. It’s the cure.

5) What excited you most about your work?I love having the opportunity to have conversations with other entrepreneurs about what their successes are, their current challenges, and their “next moves”. It’s really cool to combine my experience with Leverage with their knowledge of their industry. I’ve been able to create incredibly successful projects with clients and save them HUNDREDS of hours per month due to my training as a Leverage coach, and there’s nothing more invigorating than collaborating with other intelligent people. I love working with the clients at Leverage — they are some of the coolest folks I’ve ever known.

6) What kind of life has working with Leverage enabled you to maintain?I am honestly living the life of my dreams thanks to Leverage. I’m able to make more money than I have ever made before, work with amazing people, help them grow their businesses, and expand my own skillset and knowledge about how to run an incredibly effective business and life. I live in Boulder, CO my favorite place in the world, travel whenever/wherever I want, and live a completely freedom-based lifestyle. Working with Ari and Nick has taught me plenty of lessons about productivity, time management, and good biz practices… but most importantly, I’ve learned a few life lessons that have transformed how I perform in my personal life. My ambition, innovation, and self-belief is through the roof because of the challenges and opportunities that Leverage has exposed me to.

Now my mission is to help as many entrepreneurs discover the freedom that quality outsourcing can create.


Who are you?My name’s Chung Tang and I help people improve their professional lives by helping them do more of what they want to do.

I grew playing hockey against Sidney Crosby, somehow got into selling Cutco knives, then into direct response and inbound marketing.

2) What do you do at Leverage?At leverage, I do 2 things:

First I work with clients helping them with high level strategy all the way down to the nitty gritty implementation of marketing tactics and softwares.

Second I help folks across waters they otherwise would not cross themselves via coaching and accountability work.

3) What’s a typical day like for you?A typical day is 2–3 consulting calls, then working on marketing campaigns, writing emails, or solving issues.

Whether you want to do 15 hrs/wk or 70 hrs/wk there’s always enough work to help you make that happen.

4) What initially attracted you to working with Leverage?I was listening to a podcast and Ari mentioned that they were looking for smart / sharp folks, so I was like, that’s for me.

I had been working with clients on their client attraction process as well coaching so when I saw what they do, I was like, “this sounds like a cool opportunity” and I applied.

5) What excited you most about your work?There’s a lot that’s exciting but if I had to boil it down to 1 thing, it’s the opportunity to make a difference, one task, one project, and one person at a time whether that’s Leverage clients or our team mates.

6) What kind of life has working with Leverage enabled you to maintain?I love this type of work so for me it doesn’t feel like work. Which means some weeks I’m doing 60hrs. However, if I want to take the afternoon off to spend it with my kids or go out for lunch with the Mrs. I can. You get to decide the life you want to live and design your work around that. That’s a pretty liberating thought and Leverage enables you to do that.


  1. Who are you?

My name is Ross Johnson. I’m a productivity coach for online entrepreneurs who loves learning, traveling, and optimizing my time for more freedom.

2) What do you do at Leverage?
Throughout my time working at Leverage, I have slipped into pretty much every role available: Coach, Sales funnels, graphic design, digital marketing, optimizing business processes, and much more. Above all else, I see myself as a person who helps business owners improve their ability to outsource, reduce stress in their life, and gain more trust in others when letting go of their important projects.

3) What’s a typical day like for you?
I wake up around 5 or 6 am and go through a morning routine that looks something like this: Take care of my french bulldog, make a cup of bulletproof coffee, drink some water, check up on my clients, and sit down to plan my day (sometimes I do this the night before). Then most days I go to the gym where I practice some gymnastics style strength training.

After that, I spend about 2–3 hours improving a skill to help my business or working directly on my business. My morning is all about personal development and growing my business. I’m usually finished with that by 10 or 11 am and that’s when I usually begin my work at Leverage. For the rest of the day, I’ll be doing client work. Then I finish off the day with a healthy dinner, relaxation, and some reading before bed.

4) What initially attracted you to working with Leverage?
Years ago, I read Ari’s book “Less Doing, More Living” after hearing a podcast he did on Bulletproof radio. I heard his whole story about how he beat Crohn’s disease by becoming ultra productive and I thought it was bad ass.

Fast forward a few years, I was a struggling freelancer and fitness coach who had just moved to a new town 2,000 miles away from where I had been living originally and I was in search of a job. My friend called me up and mentioned that Ari Meisel was posting about a new job opportunity on Instagram and thought I should check it out.

The pay was great, which is what I needed at the time. But after joining the team are realising the opportunity I had to work with high level clients who had serious businesses AND get training from one of the world’s leading productivity experts… It was a no brainer. Business is a passion of mine and opportunities to learn from the best do not come around like this very often. It’s been the best opportunity I’ve ever had to learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the lessons I’ve learned have been priceless.

5) What excited you most about your work?
The unique opportunity to work in dozens of different businesses and industries with guidance from 2 of the most effective people I have ever met. I learn something new every single day. I get to learn all sorts of different method, systems, and strategies people have running in their businesses, and also get to implement and test new ones regularly. It’s a priceless education for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

6) What kind of life has working with Leverage enabled you to maintain?When I first got hired, I had just moved from Massachusetts to Colorado. I didn’t have any friend, a place to live, or a job. I just had a vision of mentoring under on the top fitness coaches in town. I quickly found a place to stay, but as a struggling freelancer, I was losing money daily.

After a couple months, I was a few thousand dollars in debt and much to my surprise, I discovered that the house I found on Craigslist and moved into was full of out of control drug addicts. Since I had no money, I was literally trapped in a house with 3 people who had been to jail, were on drugs, and were very volatile… Not the best place for a person who wants to be a successful entrepreneur in the health industry.

When I started working at leverage, EVERYTHING CHANGED. I got out of debt. I have traveled at least once per month to a new place for the past 12 months. I am able to afford a french bulldog and I have one! My girlfriend Rachel and I were able to move into a new apartment in the nicer side of town away from the horrible place I used to live. For 3 months, I had been eating chicken, sweet potato, and avocado for every meal and working out everyday in the park down the street. Now I have plenty of money for a gym membership and healthy food. On top of all of that, I have freedom of schedule and I get to take the lessons I’ve learned from all the entrepreneurs I work with and apply it to my own productivity coaching business.

Having this job has literally changed my life.

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