How to Take Communion at Home
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Communion (the Lord’s Supper) is an ordinance given to all believers by Jesus to remember his sacrifice for us and to symbolize the new covenant. The elements of bread and wine/juice are symbols of Christ’s broken body and shed blood. Communion is not a means of salvation, rather, it is a testament of a believer’s faith in the atoning work of the cross. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, join us online to remember His great sacrifice. If you are not in the place where you consider Christ your Savior we’d ask that you sit back and enjoy the service like normal.

1. Supplies Needed

  • Grape juice

  • Bread or baked crackers

Jesus and His followers used wine and unleavened bread, but it’s simplest to use grape juice and whatever bread or crackers you have available. Using juice is a great way to involve children while also being sensitive to anyone who might not drink alcohol. If you really want to use unleavened bread, a matzo cracker is a great option. If you can’t find grape juice, another juice will do. What’s important is focusing on the meaning of this spiritual symbol.

2. Be Ready at Home with Your Elements

  • Have your supplies prepared

  • Wait until communion begins onscreen (usually at the end of the message for that day)

  • Follow the instructions given during the service to participate in communion with the elements you have chosen


Matthew 26:26-30; Mark 14:22-26; Luke 22:19-20; 1 Corinthians 11:23-29

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