Utilizing Libertify's risk-adjusted investment solution reveals a treasure trove of unanticipated value. To evaluate objectively, it is always wise to have a benchmark to compare with. The benchmark we've selected is the buy-and-hold strategy, the most popular default investing strategy among retail investors.

To measure value, we monitor and always present you with 5+ key metrics, accessible through the user's dashboard at all time. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Performance (risk adjusted) - Has your portfolio increased or decreased in value?

    Please note that performance may not always be better than the buy and hold in the initial few months. This is because you will be experiencing less risk and it is normal that if you take less risk, there is a degree of performance forfeited in the process. If you want 100% of the performance, you must take 100% of the risk!

  2. Volatility - Did we cut volatility for you? Have we decreased your risk? Reducing your risk means the avoidance of worry, stress, and anxiety allowing you to sleep better at night, even if a degree of performance is forfeited in the process.

  3. Drawdowns - Did we assist you in avoiding significant market falls, often known as drawdowns, and how much did we save you as a result?

  4. Token quantity - Has the number of tokens you possess grown or shrunk over time?

  5. Average entry price - Were we successful in lowering the average entry price for you?

What measurable performance should I expect?

We make long term Buy and Hold, performance driven investing, safe and sustainable - both financially and emotionally - free from external noise and bias. You should expect the following in terms of performance.

Value Metric

Libertify's Result

Time to See Difference

Performance (risk-adjusted)

Shall be BETTER

3 - 12 months


Shall be REDUCED

3 - 12 months


Shall be SMALLER

3 - 12 months

Coin quantity


3 - 12 months

Ave. entry price


3 - 12 months

No. of Sweet Dreams



Please note, although all past performance as expressed throughout our communications is true, it is not indicative of future performance.

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