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How To Link Binance API Keys
How To Link Binance API Keys
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How to get Binance API Keys

Login to Libertify and navigate the Accounts tab within the settings page. We need 3 primary pieces of information: the exchange you’ll be using, your API Key, and your API Secret key.

Let's go!

  1. Login to Binance

  2. Navigate to the top right of your page

  3. Click on the Account button as signaled below in the red square

  4. Select API Management in the dropdown menu

Next Step

You will be forwarded to the next page where you need to click Create API Key as highlighted below:

Now, create a name for your API label as highlighted below. You can choose any name but it helps to call it Libertify:

Click Next. Enter your 2FA code if needed.

You will receive an email with a link. Click on it to verify the login. This link may expire after 15 minutes.

Your API Key and Secret Key will be displayed below:

  1. For API Key: hit copy, go back to Libertify app and paste it in the API Key field

  2. For the Secret Key: you need to highlight it manually, copy, go back into Libertify app and paste it in Secret Key field

Next Step

Once done, click on Edit Restrictions as highlighted below and


  2. Make sure ENABLE WITHDRAWALS is NOT selected

Next Steps

  1. Choose Restrict access to trusted IPs only

  2. Go back to the Libertify app and copy Pre Populated IP address

  3. Paste it into the field highlighted below

  4. Hit SAVE

Please make sure to use Pre Populated IP address from Libertify app:

You will be notified of a successful connection.

Once you have successfully linked your API keys, data should appear in your account dashboard. If it does appear immediately, please wait up to 15 minutes for the info to load. If you still experience issues, please contact us at

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