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How to Link Kraken API Keys
How to Link Kraken API Keys
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How to get Kraken API Key and Secret Key

There are a number of confirmation and set up stages in-between each of these steps. Some of the missing steps include steps for setting up and entering 2FA codes. These were excluded because there were many of these intermediate steps.

Log into your Kraken account. Once you have logged in, use the account dropdown menu in the top right corner and select API:

Once you have navigated to the API page on Kraken, click on Add Key:

Once your keys have been created, it is important to remember that Libertify requires access to APIs for trading and collecting data on your account. You can see in the image below all of the settings that should be enabled on your Kraken API keys:

These include: Query Funds, Query Open Orders & Trades, Query Closed Orders & Trades, Modify Orders, Cancel/Close Orders, and Query Ledger Entries. Libertify does not require Withdrawal Funds or Deposit Funds. These options should be left disabled.

Once these have all been enabled, create the API keys by clicking Generate Key:

Once the keys have been generated, you should be taken to the following page. This page shows both the API Key and Private Key (a.k.a. - API Secret):

Now that the keys have been created, the API Key and Private Key should be copied so we can input them into the Libertify application.

Please do not use the options on Kraken for adding a Password or 2 Factor Authentication to your API key. Libertify will not be able to make trades on your account if you add these extra settings to your keys.

Please make sure to use Pre Populated IP address from Libertify app:

❗Note: IP address might change, it might not always be the same. Make sure you input a correct pre populated address before continuing.

Now that you have the two parts of your Kraken API Keys, you can connect your account to Libertify by clicking the Connect: button.

Then, pick Kraken and input the details (API Key and Api Secret):

Once done, you should get a message informing of successful connection:

Once you have successfully linked your API keys, data should appear in your account dashboard. If it does appear immediately, please wait up to 15 minutes for the info to load. If you still experience issues, please contact us at

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