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API Security Instructions

How to correctly configure API keys

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To configure API key correctly please follow the instructions outlined below.

How to configure API keys

  1. Incorrectly configured API keys can lead to the loss of all funds at an exchange. Please pay attention to the following points and handle API keys very carefully, just like your passwords;

  2. When creating a new API key, always assign only the required permissions;

  3. Libertify requires keys with read and trade permissions;

  4. Make sure that your keys have withdrawal permission;

  5. Use an API key only with a single service (like Libertify). Using one key for multiple services will always result in errors;

  6. All API secrets stored at Libertify are encrypted and cannot be viewed or decrypted by our employees. We will never ask you for keys with permissions other than 'read’ and ‘trade’;

  7. Some exchanges allow whitelisting of IPs. This increases the security of your key. You can find IPs used by Libertify here;

  8. Do not write down API keys and secrets locally on your computer or in the cloud;

  9. If your browser automatic saves form data and passwords, make sure that your API secrets are not stored;

  10. Never share your keys with services you don't trust;

  11. A few exchanges do not have any API permissions and each key has full access. Avoid such insecure exchanges and switch to trustworthy exchanges.

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