Our loans currently work like this:

> same-day return: pick-up and return in the same day within our opening hours. You pay for a day's borrow.

> one-day loan: pick-up one day anytime within our opening hours, and return the next day anytime within our opening hours (so basically overnight!) You'll be charged for a day's borrow.

> multi-day loan: pick-up on your chosen day anytime within our opening hours, and return on your chosen date anytime within our opening hours. You'll be charged per day for however long you have the Thing - if it's four or more days read below!

> weekly loan: we do a special weekly price if you want the Thing for a week or two where you can take it for seven days but we'll only charge you for four. We don't do this for all our Things (because some of them are too popular) but you can easily see on the website which Things you can, as the weekly price is shown next to the daily price.

How does this look when I'm making a reservation online? 

When you're making a reservation you choose the day you're collecting it, and the day you're returning it. Simples.

Same-day return

Simply click twice on the day you want to collect and return!

One-day loan

Multi-day loan (shown here is a four day loan)

Do I get a refund it I return something earlier than I booked it for?

No, sorry!

You will have been charged for the full length of the borrow when you made your reservation, and unfortunately we can't issue refunds for this reason.

We'll be very impressed by your speed and efficiency though. 

If I've reserved/borrowed something as a same-day return, but extend it to the next day will I have to pay for another day?

In this instance, yes. Our system recognises this as a loan extension, so will automatically charge you for another day. If you had originally booked it as a one-day loan instead of a same-day return, you will have only been charged for one day. 

If you're not sure you'll be able to get your job or project with our Thing done within the same day, better to book it as a one-day loan to be on the safe side.

If I pick a Thing up at X time on the first day do I have to return it at the same time the next day?

No! Our one-day loans are more flexible than 24 hours. You can pick it up on your selected day anytime within the opening hours, and return it the next again any time within our opening hours.

Do I have to pay to borrow over the day you're closed? i.e. Monday in Crystal Palace

For now, afraid so BUT we are reviewing this internally - so keep your eyes peeled for a change to this in the near future.

We have the same opening hours as the building where our self-service kiosks are found, so unfortunately we can't open for any additional hours.

We totally understand it can be a bit of a pain if you want to borrow something on a Sunday evening, for example. But we'd suggest making the most out of the Thing seeing as you've got it for a bit longer, or you can take advantage of our weekly borrowing deal - borrow 7 days for the price of 4!

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