What happens if I break a Thing or a Thing breaks on me?

Unfortunately our Things sometimes do misbehave - it's just part and parcel of being borrowed by lots of people. We try to offset this as much as possible by providing the best possible quality Things we can get our hands on (we do our homework and work with suppliers) and having a Thing Technician for each site who cleans, maintains and fixes things between borrows.

We'll do our very best to help you and we know that it's frustrating but ask for your patience and co-operation. The earlier you tell us about a problem, the more we can help you.

Our objective is fear-free borrowing. We know damages happen, and that 99% of the time these aren’t intentional. We simply ask that borrowers are honest about what’s happened.

Let us know about any damages by reporting them on the Kiosk screen when you collect/return or via our live chat as soon as you can.

What happens if I lose or break a part that comes with the Thing?

As above, there will be reasonable wear and tear with Thing parts, so depending on the circumstance we wouldn't expect you to replace it.

However if you've broken it for example by dropping it, running over it with your car (yes, this has happened!) or by forceful use, we may charge you to replace the part. Same goes for if you've lost a part (see below.)

But don't worry, we treat each instance of damage or loss individually and will make a decision based on what you tell us and what we can gain from physically assessing it. 

It's best to be honest - we understand you don't want to have to pay out more than expected, but bear in mind it's expensive for us to replace parts and the next borrower may miss out if we don't know something is missing.

What happens if I lose a Thing or it is stolen from me?

We hope you'll understand that we won't be able to cover you for this so you'll be liable for up to the full replacement value of the Thing.

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