We don't have sneaky hidden charges here at Library of Things. 

When you borrow from us, you pay an upfront £1 fee to become a borrower with your first reservation.

The price you pay for a borrow includes everything you need for your borrow, on top of the actual Thing of course, such as safety equipment (i.e. safety goggles and ear defenders) and consumables (i.e. carpet cleaning tablets, sandpaper and strimmer cord.) 

If you want extra of any of the consumables that's not already included with the borrow like four extra cleaning tablets, we ask for a small fee to cover those. These are detailed in the Thing description on our website, and we'll soon be making these add-ons at checkout.

When you make a reservation with us, you agree to our Terms of Borrowing which outline what we expect from you as a borrower, and what you expect from us. We also have 'The Five Simple Rules of Borrowing' as general guidelines.

As outlined in our terms of borrowing, if the Thing you've borrowed comes back late or in a condition not suitable for the next borrower, we have the right to charge for these instances. Everything we do, including these charges, is to benefit the next borrower and also because when this happens it causes more work for us.

Late fees

If a Thing is brought back later than its return date, we will charge you 1.5x the daily price for every day it's late. If you're struggling to return it on time, or want to keep it for a few extra days, please get in contact or look at extending your borrow instead.

You can check whether the Thing is being borrowed immediately after you - in which case it's even more important you bring it back on time.

Cleaning fees

We very rarely charge cleaning fees because the majority of our borrowers do a fabulous job of cleaning the Thing they've borrowed before they return it.

Examples of when we may charge a cleaning fee:

‣ A Strimmer caked in grass
‣ A Carpet Cleaner with water left inside it/dirty bucket/blocked pipes due to not being flushed through after use
‣ Power tools covered in dust and/or mud

We determine what an appropriate fee is to charge depending on the state of the Thing, but usually it's around half the daily borrowing fee.

If you have any questions about either of the above, please drop us a message!

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