1. How many rewards do I get when someone stakes with my link?

You receive 15 LDO for every 1 ETH staked with your referral link. If a referer stakes 10 ETH with your link, you receive 150 LDO. The minimum stake needed to earn a reward is 1 ETH.

2. How often are rewards paid out?

Every two weeks from the start date of the program, rewards will be transferred to a dedicated DeversiFi account from which you can claim your rewards.

3. How do I claim my referral rewards?

Rewards will be automatically transferred to the referrer's connected DeversiFi wallet every two weeks starting from the start date of the referral program. Simply visit DeversiFi, connect your wallet and claim your rewards.

4. Is there a minimum amount needed for rewards?

The minimum amount needed to be staked to earn a reward is 1 ETH.

5. What if bots try to game the referral program to take all the LDO rewards?

The referral program is actively managed and will adjust rewards if abusive behavior occurs.

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