Device and Activation

Why Accessories?

Sometimes, it may be useful to have the functionality and safety features of the Lifekey Smart Strap on your clothing. For example, when you are skiing or biking. Lifekey Accessories come in a variety of form factors such as stickers and patches and look great!

Do I need an app to set up Accessories?

Yep, setting up Accessories is super easy. You need to download the Lifekey Tap App, (available on IOS and Android) and the follow the onscreen instructions. More information about getting started can be found here.

Do LifeKey Accessories need batteries?

No, Lifekey Accessories are built on the same technology as Smart Strap and Fetch. By using NFC, all you need to do is tap your phone to an LifeKey Accessory.

Will My Phone Work with Accessories?

iPhones 7 and later with IOS 11 installed will work with Accessories. Most modern Android phones support NFC, a full list of supported devices can be found here.

How Do I Install Accessories?

Our Patches are designed to be ironed on to clothing and jackets, while our stickers are powered by 3M adhesive technology to stick onto helmets and other surfaces.

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