At LifeKey, we take privacy and security very seriously. Learn about all the ways that your data is kept safe with all of our products.

How Does LifeKey Protect my Data from being accessed by Anyone?

A Lifekey Connect profile can only be accessed by scanning a specific Lifekey device. If you've chosen to lock your profile, only your basic information will be displayed. The user will need to "Request Permission" to access additional health data. That can be granted by you or your Lifekey contact in an emergency or otherwise.

Can I Disable Access to my Profile Information?

Yes, you control when your Lifekey data is accessible and when it is not at any time. On wearables screen in the Lifekey app, click on the three dots next to the device you want to turn on/off and slide the toggle to indicate on/off. You should now see if the wearable is set to Public (data will show if scanned) or Private (data will NOT show if scanned).

How to Tell if My Lifekey has been Scanned?

Each device has a scan history with details of each scan instance. On the wearable screen in the Lifekey app, click on the three dots next to the wearable you want to see the scan history for. Then, click on “Scan History” to reveal a list of all the scans and details for each scan of that device.

What About HIPPA?

Lifekey does not qualify as a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. However, we take very seriously the security of your data and align our practices with industry security standards and HIPAA compliance. Data stored in Lifekey is encrypted in transit and at rest. The user controls the data that is entered into Lifekey and if the data is available to be shared. The user can remove their data at any time. In order to access the data a device must be scanned and all scans of the data are tracked and made available to the owner of the data.

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