Step 1 :
Click on the Create Audience to discover and create your custom audience based on State, City, Brand or Category.

Step 2 :
Select your audience criteria using the filters and then Activate Your Audience.
Geography: filters based on cities, state of your choice.
Brand: you can add brands to further customize requirement.
Places Categories: further refine by adding categories like 'car rental' or 'fast food restaurants'

Step 3 :
Estimated reach: will be varying with reference to the filters applied.

Visit period :  Allows a look back of 30, 60 or 90 days.
Visit Frequency : Helps to classify frequency as Once, Sometimes, Often.
Geo Radius : Allows data generation based on indoors, 100 m and 1 km.
Limit Audience : Allows to limit audience from 0 - 100%.

Step 4 :

Select Activation:

Lifesight Activation
The audience will be activated by Lifesight (Managed Service)

Select 3 competitors 

External Activation
Activate audiences on DSPs that we support.

Step 5 :
Enter the information required by the DSP for us to push the data to the appropriate account.

Audience Activation request will be sent and the data made available within 72 hours.

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