Lifesight is a real world intelligence platform that helps brands, agencies and enterprises understand, target and measure physical world consumers. We collect, process, enrich and distribute large scale mobile datasets to help brands reach and engage connected consumers based on their offline behaviour. 

Our platform is made up of 2 core modules which are our Audiences and Attribution which can be accessed via our self serve application. 


This module helps advertisers deliver highly targeted campaigns to location based interest and intent segments that have been derived from offline behaviour.

        All Audiences
This is a prepackaged module containing audience segments based on brand,  
        place categories, demographics, interests, geo-behaviour and app.

        Create Audience
        This module helps clients build niche audiences based on their custom  
         targeting requirements.

        My Audiences  
This module helps clients to keep track of their activated audiences as
        completed, active, paused, this month, last month.


This module helps advertisers measure the impact of digital and OOH campaigns in driving in-store visits using advanced measurements and reporting.

      Create Tracker
      The platform users can generate Lifesight tags, which can then be deployed in the
      DSP, to enable Lifesight to start the measurement. 

      All Campaigns
      It contains set of all campaigns which can be thereafter utilized for real time  

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