Lifesight attribution report is used to understand the impact of your campaigns on offline store visits. Key benefits from Lifesight attribution are :

  1. Understand which Partner, Platform , Publisher ,  Creative, Device Types and Custom Values which are driving more footfall to your locations.
  2.  Understand the audience insights and footfall conversion throughout the campaign. 
  3. View places insights and understand top performing stores from exposed visits perspective.
  4. Understand Lead time to visit, Conversion , engagement and visitation patterns.
  5. Compare performance of your brand vis-a-vis the competition.

Viewing your report

To view your Attribution report either click on the Attribution Campaign name or the report icon as shown below:   

Now let's look into the Attribution Report.

There are 4 key sections in the attribution report

The attribution report is divided into four major sections. You can navigate easily to other sections of the report by clicking on the tabs.


  1. Overview 

The first tab of the attribution report is the Overview, which is the summary of your campaign performance. Here, the performance of your partners, platforms, creatives, publishers and custom value in visits can be viewed.

   2. Campaign

The campaign section displays the performance of the campaign throughout the campaign flight, along with additional reports.

  3. Audiences

The audiences section displays reports of exposed users and their demographics, along with their device info, app usage, brand affinities and more.

  4. Places

The Places section displays reports of the locations tracked throughout the campaign such as store wise performance, along with competitor analysis, distance traveled and more.

Download Report

To "Export" the attribution report, click on the DOWNLOAD button on the top-right corner of the report page. You can export the report as: 

  1. Print Report
  2. Impression Sheet
  3. Click Sheet 

Understanding the Terms

When making a decision here on filtering / exporting your report, it's important to know what these terms means and exactly what choices you should be making when customizing your report. To view the complete set of definition of these terms, visit the Glossary of Terms.

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