This document demonstrates how to view crimes using the Lightcatch app

Locations - Home or Work Needed

Setting a home or work location is the reliable method to be notified about crimes or suspicious activity near areas you care about.

From the menu on the top left corner choose Settings and then confirm your locations are set to a location that is important to you.

The location does not have to be precise.  (We'll get the ability to enter your address in there when we can afford it.)
They don't have to be a work or home location.  In could be a rental property, a close relative, a park you volunteer for, etc.
You only have to enter one location not both  if only one location is important to you.

Allow Notifications needs to be turned on

Under the Settings menu the Allow Notifications button needs to be turned on.


Alerts to your mobile phone from Lightcatch only come in when someone has said something important is happening inside the circles you've set as a location.
They should look similar to below

Viewing Crimes

Clicking on the notification alert will open the Map screen to the notice sent - like below.

Viewing All Crimes
A 90 second video below shows how to view all alerts nearby using Lightcatch.

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