Posting an alert or update takes just seconds. 

All new posts require a photo (for now).

  1. Click on the camera button
  2. Take a photo, video, or choose one from the gallery.  (If you have a iPhone it works but it's not as nice as we'd like right now.) 
  3. As soon as you have taken a photo or chosen a photo a little arrow on the bottom right appears.
  4. Choose if this is for a Suspicious Activity, Crime Alert.  Choose if you are posting something new or updating an already open incident. 

If you get stuck and the post is urgent try creating something that goes out to the public with the camera button. The sooner you send the alert the sooner people nearby will see someone needs help.  

Even if information is incomplete a Volunteer Admin or a Lightcatch Admin can possible help edit your post once it is created.

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