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This article is to explain how the whole system works together

Criminal Activity

A post with video, plus photos of suspect, plus photos of stolen items uploaded within 1 hr typically has a 50% chance of success.  Speed and community involvement is also needed.
Just posting a photo of a stolen item has about a 20-30% success rate in our tests.
Posting a video is actually worse! only a 20% success rate.
But if you post BOTH the likelihood of getting results goes up to over 50%.


We believe the video is necessary to show the public how bad the situation is.  It's creepy and awful to see a crime in action.  It's emotional. But it's also really hard to remember who the creepy person was with just a video.
That's where pictures come in.  If people can see the video but then have a photo so making a successful match just takes seconds the likelihood of results jumps.
Photos make it easy.  Video makes it emotional.

When the community sees what to look for they can work together to build a trail of evidence.  This evidence appears on a map in real time.  

Comments from the community, photo's, and even phone calls are are all shown on a map so the community can work together to track the suspect.

There are some short videos showing this in action.

How to use the Lightcatch app - :54 long (We could even afford a soundtrack for this one!)

How to view crimes nearby with the Lightcatch app - 1:43 long


Anyone with an Android phone or soon any mobile can share the details of the post to police via email at any point via the share button at any time.  All photos go with the sharing.  The map views and the community input do not share. 

Sharing alerts from Lightcatch is easy 1:14 long

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