Since Lightcatch is new let's start by saying here's our brand promise to you

  • We will keep your data and your identity 100% private.  (Unless you agree to let the police, and only the police, know it was you.)
  • Your posts are completely anonymous.  There is no way to see who made each post unless you're an Admin
  • We will never sell your data or personal information
  • Never send you an alert on your phone unless it’s important.(needs improvement)
  • We measure success by how we help people stop trouble.

The service is getting better all the time but it's still a work in progress.  Please be patient if it doesn't do 'everything' really well.  It's awesome at tracking locations of suspects in real time.  If you see something that will help identify the suspect's location post it. 

Guides - Videos

Did you know we have some 'how to' videos on the Lightcatch YouTube Channel ?

How to use the Lightcatch app - :54 long

How to view crimes nearby with the Lightcatch app - 1:43 long

Sharing alerts from Lightcatch is easy  - 1:14 long

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