Hi friend, 

Below is a screen shot of the Home screen for Lightcatch in my home town of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  It shows there are hundreds of people in and around the city who could pinpoint the location of a suspect or stolen car in under 10 seconds.  It shows a bigger and badder network than the bad guys could ever build. 


Whether there are hundreds or dozens or less than 10 people near where you use Lightcatch we've made it really easy to share the Lightcatch app and to start building a bigger badder network.

Just click on the Share Lightcatch button at the Home Screen

You can then text, email, or share via social media the links to download the app to anyone you care about.

Why is this Misery?  For the bad guys it makes their job way more difficult.  They lose their advantage of speed.

Let's Build a bigger badder network together

To get your friends and coworkers involved  our goal is to see them spend less than 5 minutes a week with the app. You can share the app to others with the Share button from the Home Screen.

We are only interested in results.  Results like getting precise information to law enforcement while something is happening in real time. 

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