Hi friend, 

Whether stealing the tip jar at a restaurant or stealing a vehicle from a yard it can happen so quick.  Often in less than 2 minutes they are gone. 


But you know what takes a long time for them?  the getaway. 


The thief is on the run until it feels safe.  But what if everyone nearby knew what to look for?  Almost everyone is packing mobile phones in our pockets.  Any input from that phone shows exactly where a photo or text is located*. 

With an app like Lightcatch there is almost nowhere that is safe for a bad guy trying to get away.  Every report from the community appears on a map and show us how far away we are from that suspect. 


A stolen vehicle can be tracked by the community until the police have resources to meet up with the suspect.  A guy stealing a tip jar can be tracked until police can ask him what is in his bag.


I'd love to get your feedback on this 90 sec video that shows how this all works together - How the Lightcatch app works


Together we can make the bad guys getaway one of misery. 

David Laycock, P.Eng. Ops Manager

(We're just over 1/2 of  a few onboarding emails to you as you've downloaded the Lightcatch app.)

We have other 60-90 sec 'how to' videos on the Lightcatch YouTube Channel and some short online tutorials as well.

We also have a collection of online written guides - Soon they'll be right on our website.

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