Ever hear that the courts are too lenient or that nothing ever happens when it comes to crime victims?  Lightcatch gives people a far bigger tool to make an impact than what appears at first.  Let me explain.

I recently sat in on a provincial town hall meeting in Alberta.  According to the organizers of the meeting rural crime is their second highest priority in the province.  

There were so many sad, frustrating stories of repeat offenders treating victims like they had nothing to fear.  People coming in and out of communities and wiping yards clean was another stomach turning report.  And there were no answers.

I had to stand up and say our experience is limited but it's exactly the opposite of the frustrations of the organizers and attendees.  What we've seen are repeat offenders getting caught with so much evidence against them they can't get out on bail and the charges do stick. 

Let me be clear. 'We' isn't Lightcatch.  Lightcatch only acted as a tool for the community to come together.  When you and I get involved and move fast results come in minutes or hours versus days or weeks.  The bad guys are caught stealing on video then caught with the goods.   This kind of evidence is a defense lawyers worst enemy!

Do you see how this is so different?  Because the community helped the police locate the suspect right when they have the evidence there is no reasonable doubt. Results come in minutes or hours, not days or weeks later waiting for a 'warrant'.  Forget the warrant, catch them on the getaway.  Case closed.

So we aren't stuck waiting for the laws or the courts or the policing to change.  We can make change happen right now by working together. 

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