I believe that if we ask you to use this app for even 15 minutes per week it’s probably asking too much.  Our goal is to get your involvement down to 5 minutes or less.
You can make a huge difference against crime in your community with just 5 minutes.
How?  If a call for help or a signal from the Lightcatch app comes your way stop and see if it's really close by.  If the suspect keeps heading your way identify their location by taking a photo, call us, or send in a comment.  Done.  And since your input is live the police can now be notified exactly where the last witness responded.

If everyone did this there would be NO place for a person getting away to hide. 

The expensive alternative

Most people want to get involved if help is needed, they want to make a difference, but life gets busy and it gets in the way.  We seen this time and time again in our tests.  People who had their items stolen or broken into would often become our biggest supporters. 

These people would often be the first to comment in a post and would be engaged day and night.  This normally would last 4-6 weeks. After those 4 weeks I don’t believe for a second they stopped caring.

The problem in my opinion was that it took way too much time to stay involved.  Asking someone to spend 1 hour per week to read all the comments, all the drama, etc, on social media just wasn’t possible for a busy person long term.

We once calculated that if someone just took 2 seconds to review every comment on an average week they would need over 1 ¼ hours just to keep up.  Let alone comment or think about what was needed.  This is too expensive on people’s time!

Pushing engagement or alerts wastes your time

That’s partly why we take a big stand on never selling advertising inside the app.  We want you to use this app only a little bit when needed.  Advertisers, on the other hand, want you hooked and they want to track your every movement so they can push ads at just the time you’ll look at them. All the ‘experts’ looked at us like we were stupid for missing this revenue opportunity.  I looked at this issue like ads would totally conflict with how to get people involved on a long term basis.  We want you to be able to trust every alert we ever send and to never waste your time.


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All the best,

David Laycock, PEng

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