A user can create a new account by entering an email address and password.

Next an email message is then sent with a link to click to that email address.

When the app gives someone trouble like this it is often one of two things.  If the account is a gmail account the confirmation email can at times end up in the Spam or Junk folder.  The second cause can be because someone has used the sign in button but not the sign UP button first.  It’s important to know you got an email asking to click on the link in it otherwise password resets won't work.

One quick way to find if this email is sent is to search for darren@lightcatch.net in the email search function.  If a confirmation email appears when this search is done ensure you've clicked on the link in that email.

If you've already did that please reset your password and then try to copy and paste the new password into the password field.

If you get stuck please reach us at help@lightcatch.net .  We want this to work for you! 

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