Within Lily there are two places to store customer information - accounts and contacts. Accounts are where you save information about a company or organization or any group of people that you communicate with. Contacts are for individual people that you talk to within each account. Instead of having both types of customer information stored in one address book, they are split into two sections within Lily. This makes it easy to look up either one specific person (a contact) or a group (an account). Both contacts and accounts can be created by clicking on the + contact or +account buttons.

Both Accounts and Contacts have activity streams. When you look at the activity steam for a contact, you can see communication between anyone on your team and that specific contact. If you look at an activity stream for an account, you can see all the communication between your team and all contacts connected to that account. This makes it easy to see if anyone from your team talked to anyone at a whole account about something. 

Pro-tips for accounts and contacts

If you add the website for the account and click the magic wand on the right, information from the website will be used to fill in the fields on the page, which means less manual input. You can also assign the account to yourself or a colleague. This way, if you have a question about an account, you know who to talk to about it! 

If you are creating a contact and there is no account that this contact is connected to in Lily, you can fill in the name of the account and click + add as a new account. A contact will be automatically created, so you can continue creating your contact and then fill in the account information later. 

If you have a lot of contacts or accounts to add to Lily, you can import them. Read our guide for importing contacts and accounts for more information. 

Please let us know if you have questions about accounts and contacts or are having trouble with them. We love to hear from you! 

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