We wanted to make sure this was super clear, so we've created a walk through guide to show you exactly how invoices work. 

You can request a payment directly from your proposals. It's quick and easy.

1. Notification of completion of work

When your work is completed you will receive a notification that will remind you it's time to get paid.

2. Request payment from your proposal

You can access your completed proposal directly from the notification or from your Schedule, in the History tab.

Once you tap on the proposal, you will be able to tap on 'Request payment' and we will generate an invoice for you.

3. Review and send your invoice

All your work details will be outlined in the generated invoice. At this stage you can still edit your invoice and add notes for your client, if you wish to. 

Check that you have the correct email address for you client, which will be filled in from your proposal if you sent it via email, or create a sharing link to send via your preferred method of contact. 

If you are sending via a link you will be asked to mark as sent. 

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