Like everything on limber, contracts are pretty simple but just to make it even easier, we've created a handy walk through guide. Check it out, 

1. Tap on create contract

You can find the create a contract icon on your home screen. Tap here to start sending work contracts to your clients. Each contract is an agreement for the work you will be doing.

2. Start creating a contract

In this screen you can fill in your contract with all relevant information.

a. Add your skills

Add the most relevant skill you'll be using for your project.

b. Add items

Items are a break down of the work you are going to be doing for your client. Breakdown what you have agreed into tasks, each item will be clearly outlined to your client when they receive your contract, so they can see exactly what they're paying for.

c. Add contact

Add the name of your client as you would like it to appear on your contract and invoice here. limber will search your contacts and auto fill where applicable. If your contact has an email, this will be remembered for you when it's time to send.

d. Add location (working remotely)

Enter the location you will be working with your client. If you're working remotely just tick the box. 

e. Tap on next

Review your details and tap on 'NEXT' when ready,

3. Define your dates, times and rate

If you are not sure how you should be charging your client check out our types of pay breakdown. If you need some guidance on what to charge check out our Pitching and Getting Hired guide

If you're happy just pick your dates, times, rate and rate format and you're good to go.

You can choose between a Specific Date (Eg. If you want to work on a specific date, such as 22 October 2019), a Date Range (Eg.  If you want to work in a period of time, such as from 22 October 2019 to 27 October 2019) or a Project (Eg. If you want to set a deadline without specific dates or times).

You can go back and add items and extra details at any point. When you are happy with your contract hit create. 

4. Send your contract

You will now see you've created a contract. If you notice anything you need to change just hit the 'EDIT' button.

Hit 'View their cost breakdown' to view a cost breakdown for your client, including holiday pay, payroll cost and limber fee.

Check that you have the correct email address for you client, or create a sharing link to send via your preferred method of contact. 

If you are sending via a link you will be asked to mark as sent. 

If sending via email you will be directed back to your home and you will see your proposal under Contracts & applications

5. See your contract

You will find your contract on the home screen under Contracts & applications. Click on your proposal to manage or make changes.

6. Manage your contracts

If you need to make changes to your contract once it's been sent, hit the 'MANAGE' button. 

Don't forget any changes you make will need to be resent and confirmed by your client. 

If you need to withdraw your proposal just click the 'WITHDRAW' button and your client will be notified.

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