If you need to send an invoice for work you have already agreed or completed you can generate an invoice to send to your client by hitting the 'Request payment' button. 

Just so you know, invoices sent for work which has been agree outside of limber aren't covered by our dispute resolution policy.

1. Tap on Request Payment

You can find the Request payment icon on your home screen. Tap here to start sending invoices to your clients. 

2. Start creating an invoice

In this screen you can fill in your invoice with all relevant information.

a. Add your contact

Add the name of your client as you would like it to appear on your invoice here. limber will search your contacts and auto fill where applicable. If your contact has an email, this will be remembered for you when it's time to send.

b. Add contact address

Enter an address for your contact, exactly as you would like it to appear on your invoice here.

c. Add items

Items are a break down of the work you have done for your client. Break down what you have done into tasks, each item will be clearly outlined to your client when they receive the invoice, so they can see exactly what they're paying for.

d. Add notes

Here you can add some additional notes you would like to appear on the invoice. Could be extra details or a simple thank you.

e. Tap on next

Review your details and tap on 'NEXT' when ready,

3. Define your dates, times and rate

If you are not sure how you should be charging your client check out our types of pay breakdown.

If you're happy just pick your dates, times, rate and rate format based on your previous agreement with your client and you're good to go. You can go back and make changes at any point.

You can choose between a Specific Date (Eg. If you worked on a specific date, such as 22 October 2019), a Date Range (Eg.  If you worked in a period of time, such as from 22 October 2019 to 27 October 2019) or a Project (Eg. If you worked on an ongoing project).

You can go back and add items and extra details at any point. When you are happy with your proposal hit create. 

4. Send your invoice

You will now see you've created an invoice. If you notice anything you need to change just hit the 'EDIT' button on the top right of the invoice. 

If you would like to see exactly how much you will be charging your client then hit the 'View their cost breakdown' link.

Check that you have the correct email address for you client, or create a sharing link to send your invoice via your preferred method of contact. 

If you usually connect with your client outside of email you can use the share link to send your invoice via your desired method. Once you have you will be ask to mark your invoice as requested.

5. See your invoice

You will now find your invoice under Schedule, in the Upcoming or History tab, depending on the date of work. If you click on the invoice, you will be able to edit it.

6. Edit your invoice

If you need to make any changes to your invoice you can hit the 'MANAGE' button and then the 'EDIT' button. Remember any changes you do make will need to be sent to your client. 

In the unlikely event that you need to withdraw your payment request you can do it by tapping the withdraw button and confirming.

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