How to Bulk Update Assets

Under your "Assets" tab, click the "Bulk Update" button in the top right corner.

To Bulk Update your Assets, you first need to download them onto an excel spreadsheet. Clicking on the green "List of Assets" will automatically download all of your Assets into an excel spreadsheet.

In this spreadsheet you can modify any of your information fields. DO NOT change Columns 1 and 2. Limble needs those column headers to understand which information to associate with each Asset.

Additionally, you can add links onto your Asset Cards. Either choose or create which information fields your link will go under (this needs to be a text information field). 

Under your chosen information field, add the following text:

<a href="URL" >WORDING</a>

Replace the text "URL" with the link you want to be redirected to when clicking on it. Replace "WORDING" with the text you want to be displayed when you see the link. 

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