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Learn How The LinkedAutomate CRM Works
Learn How The LinkedAutomate CRM Works

In this article you will learn all the things you can do with our built-in Linkedin CRM

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Our built-in CRM allows you to visualize the most important information about your connections, such as name, title, company name, and location.

You can organize your connections with Tags. The tags will help you classify them so once you want to make a campaign with specific profiles, you can filter the audience using these tags and find them faster to gather any information you need for your campaigns.

You can edit, add notes or tags to each of your connections by click on the ‘edit icon’

On actions you can view their LinkedIn profile, refresh their information on your CRM, add or edit notes, hide or unhide them from your CRM and you can also disconnect from your connections at any time you want directly from your CRM

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