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How to delete your Linktree account
How to delete your Linktree account
Updated over a week ago

While we’re sorry to see you leave, the process to delete your Linktree account is easy.

💡 Tip: If you have a paid subscription, you should cancel your subscription first before deleting your account.

🔔 Note: This feature hasn’t reached the Linktree app just yet, but you can still access this in your web browser by following the steps below.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, head to the My Accounts section.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Danger Zone.

  3. Hit the Delete account button.

🔔 Note: Deleting your account is irreversible. Your Linktree URL will no longer be active or accessible. We have no way of restoring your Linktree data or reactivating your account, so if you would like to use Linktree again after you delete your account, you'll need to register for a new account.

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