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Start sharing your Linktree everywhere you connect with your audience!

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Now that you've customized your Linktree, it's time to share it everywhere that you connect with your audience. Here we explain where you can use it, and how to add your URL & QR code to some of the most popular places.

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Ways you can share your Linktree

Here are some ways you can share your Linktree.

  • In your Instagram bio

  • As your Twitter bio link, or in each of your tweets

  • On a widget or sticker on your phone

  • Under your YouTube videos to encourage audience discovery and engagement

  • In your TikTok profile

  • In your Facebook bio and in your Messenger chats

  • On your Pinterest

  • In your blog bio or on your Tumblr

  • On your Github bio

  • In texts to link pals to your content

  • On your LinkedIn profile

  • In your resume/CV and in job applications that ask for your website or portfolio

  • On your business card

  • In your email signature

  • On your Twitch stream

  • In your Soundcloud sidebar

  • On shop signage or your posters so that customers can connect with you and find events

  • On merch for that lifelong engagement

  • On your car bumper sticker

  • In your Depop profile

  • As your website, because you're a small business and websites take some effort

Ways to drive traffic to your Linktree

Sharing your Linktree is only step one, it's important that you are encouraging your audience to interact with your Linktree. Here's our top tips for driving traffic to your Linktree:

Add a call out to your Linktree in your social posts

Referencing your Linktree (such as check out my Linktree for more information) in your social media posts has a positive impact on your clicks and is considered one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your Linktree.

Use links links direct visitors to a specific piece of content on your Linktree. This is great way to help your visitors find exactly what you are talking about on social media.

Add a direct link where you can

Take advantage of Instagram Stories, Tweets & Youtube video links to insert your Linktree URL directly into your content.

How to copy your Linktree URL & QR Code

  1. In your Linktree Admin, hit the Share button located next to your Linktree URL to view your options.
    ๐Ÿ’ก Tip: On the Linktree app it looks like this:

  2. Select where you want to share your Linktree from the options provided.

  3. If you want to copy your Linktree URL, hit Copy at the bottom next to your URL.

  4. Select My Linktree QR code to download your QR code and help bring your offline visitors online.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Read more about QR codes here. As a bonus, you can also see the number of people that have scanned your QR code in your Analytics.

How to add Linktree to your social media platforms

Adding your Linktree to Snapchat

  1. Open your Snapchat app and go to My Public Profile.
    ๐Ÿ””Note: You must have a Snapchat Public Profile to see this option.

  2. tap Edit.

  3. Select Linktree or Website.

  4. Then hit Add Your Linktree.

  5. Paste your Linktree URL in the available field.

Adding your Linktree to Instagram

  1. On Instagram, Navigate to your profile page by tapping on your profile image.

  2. Hit Edit Profile.

  3. Paste your Linktree URL into the Website field.

Check out our video on How to add Linktree to Instagram
๐Ÿ””Note: Sometimes a Links field replaces the Website field on your Instagram account. This is where you should add your Linktree URL. The reason for this experience is that Instagram is likely doing some testing on their platform and the website field name can change. We don't have control over this, but we're confident that your Linktree URL will still be visible on your profile.

Add your Linktree to Threads

  1. On Threads, hit the profile icon.

  2. Select Edit profile.

  3. Under the Link section enter your Linktree URL in the available field.

  4. Hit Done.

Adding your Linktree to Facebook

  1. On Facebook, navigate to the About page on your profile.

  2. Hit Contact and basic info section.

  3. Select +Add a website.

  4. Paste your Linktree URL into the Website address field.

  5. Hit Save.

Check out our video on How to add Linktree to Facebook

Adding your Linktree to Twitter

  1. On Twitter, navigate to your profile.

  2. Hit Edit Profile.

  3. Paste your Linktree URL into the Website section.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: A great way to draw attention to your Linktree on Twitter is to share it in a tweet that you then pin. That way it's always the first tweet your audience reads on your profile.

Adding your Linktree to Linkedin

  1. On LinkedIn, ensure you have the Creator mode switched ON in the Resource section of your profile.

  2. Hit the pencil icon in your profile

  3. Head to the Contact info section and hit Edit contact info.

  4. Paste your Linktree URL under Website URL.

  5. Hit Save.

Check out our video on How to add Linktree to LinkedIn

Adding your Linktree to YouTube

  1. On YouTube, go to Your channel by clicking on your profile pic in the top left.

  2. Hit Customize channel.

  3. Select Basic info.

  4. Under Links add your link title and paste your Linktree URL in the URL field.

  5. Hit Publish.

Adding your Linktree to Pinterest

  1. On Pinterest, hit Settings by clicking the gear icon located in the top right corner on mobile and within the dropdown menu next to your avatar in the top right corner on desktop.

  2. Paste your Linktree URL under Website URL.

๐Ÿ”” Note: Ensure that you paste your URL with 'https://' otherwise Pinterest may flag your URL as invalid. Once you paste the full URL and hit 'done' it will automatically reformat your URL without the 'https://'.

Check out our video on How to add Linktree to Pinterest

Adding your Linktree to TikTok

  1. On TikTok, go to the Profile section of your account.

  2. Hit Manage Account and switch to a Business Account.

  3. Select Edit profile.

  4. Paste your Linktree URL into the Website field.

  5. Hit Save.

๐Ÿ”” Note: On TikTok, you will need to switch over to a business account in order to add a website to your bio.

Adding your Linktree to Twitch

  1. In your Twitch account, hit About.

  2. Select Edit about & links.

  3. Scroll down to Social Links.

  4. Add Linktree in the first text field and paste your Linktree URL in the second text field.

  5. Hit Add.

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