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Understanding your analytics
Linktree analytics 101
Tips for how to leverage your Linktree Analytics
Tips for how to leverage your Linktree Analytics

Learn how to maximize your analytics and what to do to boost your clicks

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Your analytics is one of the best way to learn about your audience's behavior and content interests. Here are our top tips to ensure you are maximizing your Linktree analytics:

Check your analytics often!

Keep track of your Views and Clicks and you'll be able to work out which call-to-action is getting your audience onto your Linktree page, and which links they're engaging with when they get there.

Update your Linktree based on your analytics

Try moving less popular links further up your Linktree, or deleting them if they don't perform. Test out different copies of your buttons and see how that changes the View Count. Before long, you'll become accustomed to making content decisions based on how your links perform.

What to do if you notice a decline in your Linktree analytics

  • Check that you have linked the relevant links that you are talking about on social media - you don’t want to miss out on those clicks!

  • Keep your link titles consistent! If you are explaining links a certain way on social media make sure you carry that terminology onto your Linktree

  • Ask your audience! This is the best way to understand what is happening. Try an Instagram poll or an email blast to get feedback.

  • Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try new things, such as content format.

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