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An overview of paid features available on Linktree
An overview of paid features available on Linktree
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Here's a quick overview of some features that you'll gain access to when you upgrade your plan from the Free plan to one of our paid plans.

Clicks and Views Analytics

The chart at the very top of your links page when you log in to your Linktree Admin shows your lifetime views, lifetime clicks, CTR (click-through rate), and more.

You can select a custom date range based on your plan:

  • Starter: Last 90 days

  • Pro: Last 365 days

  • Premium: All time

💡 Tip: Read more about Clicks and Views HERE.

Linktree clicks and views analytics

Redirect Link

A Redirect Link will send your visitors directly to one link, rather than to your Linktree profile and it'll still count the visitor in your Linktree Analytics and Facebook audience integrations.

It saves you from having to update your link-in-bio when you have a really important hype moment because you can send your visitors directly to where you want them to go and set a specific date and time for it to expire.

💡 Tip: Read more about a Redirect link HERE.

Linktree leap link

Mailing List Integration

On our Pro plan, you can add email and SMS signup links on your Linktree so your visitors can easily signup to your Mailchimp or Google Sheets lists in just two clicks.

💡 Tip: Read more about email integrations HERE and SMS signups HERE.

Linktree Email and SMS signups

Prioritize Links

With prioritized links, you can choose one of your links to draw more attention. You can even add a Spotlight option so that your link opens up as soon as your Linktree page loads.

💡 Tip: Read more about our Prioritize Links feature HERE.

Change Font and Font Color

You can change your font style and color for your button text to further customize your Linktree.

💡 Tip: You can learn more about our fonts and font colors HERE.

Linktree fonts

Remove the Linktree Logo

On our Pro plan, you have the option to remove the Linktree logo found at the bottom of your profile.

💡 Tip: Read more on how to hide the Linktree logo HERE.

Advanced Customization

With our advanced customization features, you can:

  • Select your own background and upload your own background image.

  • Select a video background from our Coverr integration.

  • Select your own button style.

  • Select your own button and font color.

💡 Tip: Read more about our custom background options HERE.

Linktree custom appearance

Facebook Pixel Integration

On our Pro plan, you can now add your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel to your Linktree. This will allow you to track visitors, segment them, build lookalikes, and re-market to them on Facebook and Instagram.

💡 Tip: Read more about the Facebook Pixel feature HERE.

Schedule Links

You can now schedule your links to go live and expire at set times. This is helpful when you are scheduling posts on Instagram or you have time-sensitive content to share.

💡 Tip: Read more about Scheduled Links HERE.

UTM Parameters

On our Pro plan, you can have all of your links include UTM parameters so that Google Analytics better understands where traffic is coming from.

💡 Tip: Read more about the UTM Parameters feature HERE.

Linktree UTM parameters

Google Analytics Integration

On our Pro plan, the Google Analytics integration allows you to track your Linktree events in your Google Analytics account.

💡 Tip: Read more about our Google Analytics integration HERE.

Linktree's Google Analytics integration

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