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Support Anti-Racism: The Action Feature
Support Anti-Racism: The Action Feature
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You can enable a banner on your Linktree to show your support for Black Lives Matter. It'll allow your visitors to donate and discover resources relating to anti-racism. This feature is available to all Linktree users.

Support anti-racism Linktree

How to turn on the Support Banner

  1. In your Linktree Admin, navigate to the Settings tab and find the Support Banner section.

  2. Hit the toggle to turn on the feature.

  3. Select the dropdown menu to find and choose Anti-Racism.

What your visitors will see

This will add a banner pop-up to the bottom of your Linktree profile, visible to all visitors. Visitors can either hit the 'ACT NOW' button, or 'X' out of the pop-up to view your full Linktree as normal.

If they hit 'ACT NOW' they'll be taken to a simple Linktree with three buttons:

Each of these opens out to further resources. You can find out more about how we chose these resources here.

💡 Tip: We also want to hear from you if you have educational resources to add to the collection. Submit your resources here.

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