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How to find your Individual Link Analytics
How to find your Individual Link Analytics
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Your Individual Link Analytics can be found by selecting the chart icon located below your link URL. You should use your Individual Link Analytics to gain insights on how your link is performing – This includes the number of clicks it received, the location of the visitors that clicked the link, what referred your visitors to the link, and more. As an added perk, if you upgrade to one of our paid plans, you’ll be able to select a custom date range (up to 365 days) and compare the performance of your link during the chosen date range against its lifetime results.

💡 Tip: To find the definitions of your Link Analytics metrics, click here.

🔔 Note: This feature hasn’t reached the Linktree mobile app just yet, but you can still access this in your web browser by following the steps below.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, find the link that you would like to see the Analytics for.

  2. Choose the chart icon located below the link URL.

🔔 Note: Currently you can only see the analytics for each link by selecting this option. On the Analytics page, you'll see a breakdown of your Lifetime Analytics, collecting the data of all your links combined.

If you upgrade to one of our paid plans, you'll be able to select a custom date range (up to 365 days) to review your data, and you'll also see advanced Link Analytics to drill down and gain further insights on your links.

🔔 Note: If you're on our Premium plan, you won't be able to download a csv file for your individual links, but you'll still have the option to download your lifetime analytics.

Advanced Link Analytics

Our advanced analytics for your individual links will provide greater insights into the performance of your link. You’ll be able to see a link overview, referral data, and more to help you with your link campaigns. You can also use the custom date range feature to get a closer look at your performance in each section.


Learn more about the performance of your links under the Insights tab. We’ll give you a summary and surface some cool facts about your link in the last 7 days. You can also use the custom date range picker to get more insights on the dates that you'd prefer to measure.


See the lifetime performance of your link to get a better understanding of the trends that have occurred overtime.

Streaming Services

If you have a Music Link and/or Podcast Link enabled, you'll see a streaming service option to learn about the performance of your music or podcast link.

🔔 Note: If a lot of streaming services exist, your analytics will only display the top 10 results.

Top Locations

See the location of where your visitors are coming from to help you perform targeted campaigns.

linktree link analytics top locations

Top Referrers

Identify your top referrers to see where your visitors came from before landing on this link.


See the devices that your visitors use to understand the tools that are common to help you in any future campaigns.

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