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How to Prioritize a link
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Prioritize Links help you to draw more attention to one of your links through fun and engaging link animations.

Use a Prioritize Link to attract more clicks on your most important link. Use it as a greater call to action to guide your audience and drive sales, video views, streams, website clicks, and more.

💡 Tip: For creators or affiliate marketers, you can use Prioritize Links to make sure you are driving more traffic and offering more value to your branded partnerships. For more important hype-moments use a Redirect link which bypasses your Linktree and directs your traffic to one link.

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  1. In your Linktree Admin, create the link you wish to prioritize.

  2. Click the star ­icon to open the priority options.

  3. Select an animation style to suit your brand and personality. You can also select to Spotlight the link.

  4. Open your Linktree profile and see the Prioritize Link in action.

🔔 Note: You can only select one link to Prioritize at a time.

📲 Using the Linktree app? Click here for instructions.

How to add a Spotlight

You can add a Spotlight to further prioritize your link. A Spotlight allows an expandable link, like our video link, music link, and contact form link to be automatically expanded when a visitor arrives on your Linktree. This is another way that you can get more engagement and draw attention to your most important content.

To turn on a Spotlight, select the Spotlight option located below the prioritize animations.

And that's it! Now, when your visitors go to your Linktree, your Spotlight will automatically expand as soon as your Linktree page loads.


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