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Our Analytics provides insights into the performance of your Linktree. The more you share, promote, and create campaigns with your Linktree, the more views and clicks you'll receive on your links.

To provide more clarity on the metrics we support on our Analytics page, see the Analytics Breakdown below.

💡 Tip: Check out our article Using Your Analytics for more definitions.

Analytics Breakdown

Lifetime Analytics

  • This block shows your total Views, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and Time to Click for the lifetime of your account. That is, from the very start of your Linktree until today.


Custom Date Range

  • Our date range selector allows you to choose up to 90 days of data so that you can analyze your Linktree performance around the dates you've pushed a promotion or launched a new product.


Top Location

  • This block shows your total Views, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and Time to Click, per country for the date range selected. The location is based on the country your visitor was in when they visited your Linktree.

  • To track visitors to your Linktree by their approximate location, we use IP tracking.

  • An IP address is what identifies a device on the internet or a local network.

  • Typically, IP-based geolocation tracking is more accurate in identifying the location at a country level. This accuracy reduces when funneling down to smaller regions, states, and cities. For the most accurate tracking, we recommend using the Country view in your Analytics.

💡 Tip: To learn more about the information that we use and store to provide features like this one, you can check out our Privacy Policy.


Top Referrers

  • This block shows your total Views and Time to Click from each referrer. A referrer is where your visitor came from before landing on your Linktree.

To get counted as a Direct referrer, a visitor to your Linktree may have:

  • Typed or pasted your URL directly into their browser.

  • Followed a URL that was shared directly with them (e.g. in a text or private message).

  • Followed a URL that was saved as a bookmark.

  • At times, web browsers don’t send us referrer information. If this is the case, these will be counted as "Direct referrers" as well.


Top Devices

  • This block shows your total Views, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and Time to Click, per device for the date range selected.


Social Icons

  • This block allows you to analyze how many visitors Click and the Click Through Rate on your Social Icons.

  • Turn on icons in your Settings and use this feature to find out your most popular social channels.

linktree social analytics

Email and SMS Signups

  • This block allows you to see the number of visitors that have signed up to your mailing list and SMS text messages via the Email and SMS mailing list integrations.

linktree mailing list analytics

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