How to add UTM Parameters
Updated over a week ago

You can include UTM parameters for your links so that Google Analytics (and other analytics platforms) can better understand where your website traffic is coming from.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, head to the Settings tab.

  2. Find the Analytics section.

  3. Toggle on the UTM Parameters option.

  4. For the Medium field, enter "Social".

  5. For the Source field, enter "Linktree".

🔔 Note: By default, the parameters will be set to make sure Google Analytics shows all traffic from Linktree to be under "Social" data instead of under "Referral" data. This is based on most creators expecting traffic from Linktree to display as social, given that Linktree traffic usually comes from social media platforms. You can always set custom URL parameters if you prefer.

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