We've partnered with Amazon so that you can earn more from your affiliate links, directly from your Linktree.

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What are Amazon links?

Amazon's Influencer Program lets you earn a commission on the products you link your audience to. You can check that out directly with them here.

We have partnered with Amazon Influencer Program to bring all Amazon Influencers extra functionality for their Amazon Storefront

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Read more about our Amazon partnership here.

How to add your Amazon link

In ‘Links’ hit the button to add a new link, select a title for the link (eg ‘Shop My Amazon Store’), and add in your Amazon storefront URL. You’ll find this from within your Amazon account and it’ll look like this: https://www.amazon.com/shop/linktr.ee. Remember this is just an example - your own store will have its personal URL.

Once you’ve pasted the URL into your Link, Linktree will automatically detect that it’s an Amazon store and you’ll see a pop-up offering you styling features to make your store stand out and help you earn from it. You can choose from the Amazon branding, or stick to your original styling.

Linktree Amazon links

Drag and drop to change the order of the links on your Linktree.

Remember, you’ll get all the same Linktree analytics with your Amazon link so make sure you’re watching that!


I don’t have an Amazon Storefront

It’s really easy to create an Amazon storefront. It’s basically curating a list of products from the various different sellers on Amazon. Amazon has an affiliate scheme that allows you to earn a percentage of the sale for the traffic you drive to each product. They do have some criteria for their Influencer Program - you can find information on that directly with Amazon.

You might also notice if you’re eligible for an Amazon Influencer Program account, and you use a standard amazon product URL in your links, Linktree will ask if you’d like to sign-up to the influencer Program.

Why use Linktree for my Amazon Storefront?

Linktree is perfect for your Amazon storefront because you don’t have to update your bio link every time you add a new product and it means you can also send your audience to other destinations. You might want to have one link on your Tree to your whole store and then another link straight to ‘Shoes’ or another specific category.

It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re capturing more opportunities to share with your growing audience. You can include a Mailchimp sign-up in your Linktree, as well as links to your social sites so that you engage with your audience over a longer period of time, track how many clicks you get on each of your links, and much more.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by emailing support@linktr.ee.

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