The TikTok Advertising Pixel helps you find new customers, optimize your campaigns and measure ad performance. Once your pixel is placed on your Linktree, you can do the following on TikTok:

  • Build marketing audiences: Create Custom Audiences based on website visitor events, like viewing a product page or making a purchase. Audiences can be used to re-engage previous site visitors or model lookalikes to find new customers.

  • Optimize ad delivery: Target audiences that are more likely to initiate a website event by setting an optimization goal to visitor events like add to cart, view page, or purchase.

How do I integrate the TikTok Pixel with Linktree?

If you are a Linktree PRO user, we've done all the heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is create your TikTok Pixel in Ads Manager and then copy and paste your Pixel ID into your Linktree settings.

Here is the easiest way to create your Pixel ID and add it to your Linktree:

1. Sign in to your TikTok for Business account here

2. In the menu, click 'Assets' and then 'Events'

3. Select 'Manage' in the 'Website Pixel' option on the right-hand side

4. Click 'Create Pixel'

5. Give your pixel a name, select 'Manually install pixel code', and click 'Next'.

6. Select a Mode for your pixel. Standard Mode is recommended for most advertisers.

7. Select your business goals for your pixel and follow any additional steps.

8. Input the website URL you'd like to associate with your pixel and complete your event setup process.

9. At this stage, your pixel will now have been created. Go to your Events Manager and find and copy the ID associated with your pixel

10. Log in to your Linktree Admin

11. Go to the 'Analytics' found in the 'Settings' tab

12. Paste your unique Pixel ID from TikTok in the 'TikTok Pixel ID' field.

Once you've input your Pixel ID, Linktree will automatically add this pixel to your Linktree page. However, you can also confirm that the pixel has been successfully installed by using TikTok's Pixel Helper (more information can be found here).

Standard Events

Your TikTok Pixel will now be fired on every Linktree profile visit and will track the audience for you to use on TikTok.

The following pixel events will fire:

  • On every Linktree view - 'Browse' event will fire

  • On every link click - 'ClickButton' event will fire

Advanced Link Click Events

If you'd like to track events for specific links on your Linktree, you can do so by doing the following:

1. Add your pixel in your Linktree Admin.

2. At the 'Create Pixel' stage in TikTok Ads Manager select the 'Custom Events' option:

3. Follow the steps and select 'Click Events':

4. Enter your Linktree URL into the 'Website URL' field.

5. Select the 'Element Selection' button and then click 'Set Up Event'. This should then launch a preview of your Linktree within TikTok Ads Manager.

6. Click '+ Add Rule' in order to assign Events to whichever links on your Linktree that you would like.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by emailing

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