How to add a Request Link
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Request Links allows your visitors to request goods and services from you directly on your Linktree. Connect your PayPal, Square or Venmo (US only) to get started.

💡 Tip: You can read more about our Monetization Link features here.


  1. In your Linktree Admin, hit the + Add link button.

  2. Select View all to see our Link Apps and find the Requests option under the Make and collect money section and hit Add.

    💡 Tip: You can also click Add to Linktree from the Linktree Marketplace.

  3. Add a Title for your Request Link.

  4. Select your Payment Provider from the dropdown.

    🔔 Note: You'll need to set up your Payment Provider first before you can continue creating your Request Link. Click here to learn how to set up your Payment Provider.

  5. Enter any optional Description and Thank you message.

  6. Choose the Amount and Request you want to display.

  7. Turn on the toggle if you require the payer to provide special instructions or details of their request.

  8. Turn on the toggle if you need to include sales tax, GST, or VAT and enter a Tax rate in the available field.

  9. Turn on the toggle if you would like the payer to help cover the transaction fees.

You're all done! Your Request Link is now live on your Linktree.

📲 Using the Linktree app? Click here for instructions.

Request Link on Linktree

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