Age Lock on links
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The lock icon in your link settings allows you to access several different options for that specific link, including a sensitive content label, a Code Lock, an NFT Lock, and now an Age Lock.

By enabling the Age Lock on your link, visitors will be required to input their birthdate before they can proceed. If they don’t meet the minimum age threshold, they’ll be unable to access your link.

Age Locks can be enabled on one or several links at a time, and can be applied on top of other link labels (such as Sensitive Content Labels).


  1. In your Linktree Admin, create the link that you would like to lock.

  2. Under the link URL, select the lock icon.

  3. From the dropdown options, select the Date of Birth option.

  4. Set the minimum age that visitors must meet to access the link.

  5. Provide a short Description of the locked link.

    📲 Using the Linktree app? Click here for instructions.

🔔 Note: If you have multiple links with an Age Lock and you have set the age limit for the locks to be the same age, your visitor will only need to enter their age only once and the other links will unlock for the session (so they don't need to enter their age again when they click a new age-locked link). However, if you have multiple links with an Age Lock and you've set different age limits for each link, once your visitor enters their age for one of your links, the system will detect their age and they'll be locked from entering any other links where their age doesn't meet the requirements.

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